Refugees fleeing from Ukraine

People of all nationalities fleeing the war in Ukraine can enter the EU. If you do not have travel or medical documents – you can still enter the EU. Customs and veterinary controls have been relaxed so you can enter with your pets and belongings. You may still be subject to border checks – it is important to stay cooperative with the authorities. Depending on your personal circumstances, you wil have different options to stay in the EU. The authorities will inform you about your rights in your circumstances.

Temporary Protection Directive


  • Ukrainian nationals and their family members.
  • Stateless persons, regugees and their family members from third countries fleeing the war in Ukraine.
  • Permanent residents legally residing in the Ukraine who cannot return safely to their country of origin.


  • Automatic protection granted for at least 1 year. The authorities will inform you of the proces. Depending on the situation in the Ukraine this will be extended.
  • Gives you the right to a residence permit, access to the labour market, medical assistance, education for children and means of subsistence.
  • Freedom to move to other EU countries and obtain the same rights.